i cut it off.  lolololz


here is a quote from this xanga exactly three years ago:

“tonight’s amount of suckage was more than that of a hoover vacuum 3000 XLW to the max plus a toddler with a lollipop.”   

it seems weird that i was 17 three years ago. 

here is another quote..

“hey you super kids! today was a super ok day that went super fast and it’s super hot outside but now i’m super bored ’cause i dont wanna do my homework ’cause homework isn’t super.  i have to draw a tree with charcoal.  but i don’t wanna go out ’cause the mosquitos have infested my back yard.  i guess i can put on my jumpsuit and venture out into the land of mosquito bites and draw on my little sketch book.  AHHHHH WEST NILE!!”

i was amusing back then.  you should go read some for yourself (or maybe not).


5 thoughts on “

  1. It looks splendid dear brandon.
    ps/// i was going through some stuff a couple days ago and found the card you made me for my birthday with the poop on the cake. i laughed a lot and showed my mom who laughed some more.


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