so i’m pretty sure it’s official.. i’ll be in canton until after Christmas.  i don’t know why everything’s a rollercoaster for the past couple years, but it is.  while this is harder than anyone probably realizes, i’m excited to find out why this happened.  it’s hard being confused.  and it’s hard feeling like a downer.  but once i’m completely better, exciting stuff should start. 

disregard this post if you don’t know what i’m talking about.


ps: i think i’m going to start a compaign against the way stores make their workers talk to you when you walk into a store.  after being asked how i was doing at least twenty times yesterday, i was THIS close to unloading a very detailed, exaggerated life story on the next store clerk that tried to be my best friend.  do they really want to know how i’m doing? or what i’m looking for?  what i might wear with something?  what i usually wear? why i don’t like something? why i do like something? why i’m at the mall?  aa;kjd;alfjkada ..maybe i should just shop online.


i’m as cool as they come.


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i saw scuttle from the little mermaid on friday.

also, i saw more people in the past week than i did all summer. (with the exception of alive.)  it was good.  i miss people, and i’m slowly starting to feel normal again.  i like that.

i think that green is my favorite color right now.  i just decided.

today dustin told me he’s getting a tatoo of jamie as a pirate girl on his arm, and that may be the most random yet hilarious thing i’ve heard in a long time.

i sang the hillary duff song to myself in the mall parking lot when it began to rain today.

last night i got a voicemail from lucille ball and baby bop.  (that was my favorite so far.)

and on a final note, i’ve asked this a lot, but this is the crunch time.  i must decide for real by friday if i’m going to be at anderson this semester, or wait until 2nd semester.  it all depends on my balance system and clarity.  any kind of prayer about that would be greatly appreciated more than you might ever realize.  i’m okay with wherever i’m supposed to be.  there are exciting opportunities on both sides.  i just want to be where He prefers. 

now i’m going to paint giant trees on my wall. 

i don’t really like this post. 

“lost for the words to say, i’m left here in disarray.
waiting for You, waiting on truth.
i’ve thrown reason overboard,
knowing that there’s still more.
i don’t yet believe, i can’t even perceive.
i can’t seem to understand, can’t seem to find my way.
it’s over my head.  it’s over my head.
learning this mystery, trust what i cannot see.
it’s over my head.  it’s over my head.
the wonder of all You’ve made, foundations Your hands have laid.
bringing me back to my knees.  to my knees.
i’m lost for the words to say, lost for another way.
bringing me back to my knees. to my knees.
i’m lost for the words to say, lost for another way.
ruined for anything other than Your love.
i’m desperate to know You, Lord.
i’m desperate for what’s in store.
i’m finding my hope in only You.
in only You.

take me beyond this door.
lead me to something more.
open my heart up for more of you.”


today was a good day. 

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it sure is hot out here, ya know?

i don’t mind though.  just glad to be free.

know what I’m sayin?

(ten points if you know what that’s from.)
edit: sorry, i meant to say points.  i really did. 
money doesn’t grow on trees, kids. 

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on tuesday, i went to cleveland.  I’m not going to tell you why, but i went to the lake for the afternoon, and I pretended I was at the ocean.  I haven’t seen the ocean in five years, but next summer I might get to see both coasts.  ohhh baby.

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i like lakes.  (say that ten times fast.)

and i like big rocks.

 <IMG src=";

i like willow trees (and the old man sitting by it).

<IMG src="; > 

there were miniature waves.

my dad.

okay, okay.  i’ll show a picture of why i was in cleveland.  but i don’t care what anyone says. 

haaahaha that’s right.
you know you wish you were as cool as me.

the end.