my sister + me + her closet + 1989 = (above). 

i was reading posts from a year and then two years ago tonight.  a lot of them annoy me.  sorry if i ever annoyed anyone with them. 

i’m not used to growing up yet.  i’m feeling new emotions and thinking new thoughts.  i’m appreciating different aspects of life and understanding more of what i am.  i’m picking up on people faster than i used to.  i’m more aware.  

and i guess this isn’t any big statement.  i guess i’m normal.  but i really think a new part of my life is starting.  again, that’s normal.  though still in adolescence, i can sum up this past year in growth.  in a lot of aspects.

i’m not even getting anywhere with this. 
sorry you wasted a minute or two.  i love you all. 


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