newwww design.

“hope ya hate it!”

here’s a survey:

Of times you’ve been in love? i think i’ve yet to fully experience that, other than Jesus.
Of girls you have kissed? zero. i’m proud of that.
Of scars on your body? um..a few..
Of things in your past you regret: anytime i dishonored God.

Pretty? pretty…awesome. haaaah..
Funny? funny….looking. haaaah.
Hot? oh yes. you better watch out.
Friendly? i really try to be..sometimes it doesn’t work the way i try to make it.
Ugly? are you making fun of me?
Loveable? i guess i’m able to be loved.. if that’s what you’re asking.
Caring? yes.
Sweet? salty.
Dorky? uh huh.

Color: certain blues..and certain greens..and certain reds
Least favorite day: tuesdays i think
Flower: snapdragons and daisies..haha
Jello: strawberry or lime or orange
Jewelry: umm.. my cross bracelet and watch, if that counts
Summer or winter: summer and Christmas time

Slept in your bed: my dad actually..haha
Saw you cry: umm tonight my eyes started watering uncontrollably when i was trying to get my contact out ’cause it was stuck or something.  my mom was there. haha
Sent you an email: some girl i don’t know..

Said I love you and meant it? yes
Went out in public in pjs? yes
Kept a secret from everyone? yes
Been to New York? nooo. that makes me sad.
To California? no….but maybe possibly i’ll get to in two years..?

Last cigarette: this morning. haha psyche. i’ve never tried one.
Last cry: not sure
Last book read: the Bible and i’m reading the purpose driven life
Last curse word uttered: i don’t want to look high and mighty..but i’ve never said a curse word.  i just think it’s dumb, degrading, and offensive to who you’re with, to yourself, and to God.
Last beverage drank:  water
Last food consumed: fries and wings and chips and salsa at chilis…mmmmm.
Last phone call: valarieee..or jason
Last tv show:  i love the 70’s
Last thing in your past you regret: doing this instead of my thank you cards that i was supposed to do two months ago.
Showered: this evening
Last shoes worn: my ae ones that are falling apart
Last cd played: spoken or blindside
Last thing typed: blindside
Last word spoken: “know”
Last sleep: this morning/afternoon
Last im: emily and brandon (n.) and jeremy
Last sexual fantasy: guhross
Last ice cream eaten:  chocolate ice cream from work
Last time wanting to die:  i don’t think i’ve ever wanted that..

Have You Ever_
1: Been kissed = not really
2: Done drugs = no
3: Eaten an entire box of Oreos=nooooo, why do surveys always ask thisssss?
4: Been on stage = ohyes
5: Dumped someone else = nope
6: Gotten in a car accident = haha do go carts count?
8: Been in love = no

someone ate number seven. the end.


i have so much i want to say, but i don’t know where to start. i guess i’ll just say what comes out.  i’m falling asleep though.

it frustrates me that i constantly look forward to the end of the week, and then i don’t want my summer to be over. 

i want to thank everyone for the prayer.  i’ve finally made up my mind.  for now, i’ll be at malone for sure.  maybe it’ll last a semester, maybe it’ll last four years.  i just don’t know.  i want so badly to go to anderson.  i just don’t really care about malone.  but God has called me to certain things here that i’m not ready to leave. i’m taking this one day at a time, and leaning on my faith in God to lead me daily through this amazing life.

i’ve been learning a lot about God.  not just the Father, but the entire Trinity.  cuh-razy stuff, kids.

do not ever watch the 80’s movie “ghost story.”  you will be scarred for life.

i’m seeing the president of the country in the morning.  i think i’d be excited if i wasn’t so tired.  yeah, i like bush.  sorry if that bothers you, but i still like him.

i got contacts.  and new glasses.  and a new camera.  and a haircut.

i want to go to the beach.

jessica has the best dogs ever.

i’m not good with contacts yet. at all.

i can’t stop listening to spoken’s latest album.

i’m working on redesigning this page.

annnnnd..the end.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m exhausted.
listening to: spoken


arg…people.  stupidstupidstupid things.  oh well.


i want to do something fun for my birthday. who’s with me? (it’s on monday.)


in other news:
yay yay yay!

i decided i really miss people. 



swimming and eating wendys in the back of a minivan while listening to Christian rap music at the strip is fun…just so you know.