[ You’ve been faithful in my weakness, Father, Your love overwhelms my soul. i’m learning to need You. ]

yayyyy last night was so much fun.  the surprise party went exactly as planned and we got k.tia perfectly.

haha my mom’s playing piano and my dog howls at the piano.. and she’s playing “potters hand” (a worship song) and my dog’s howling was definitely almost on melody.  man oh man.

but yeah last night was fun.. we (me, sara, jd, megan, hannah, val, chad, lisa, micah, tasha, josh, josh, luke, shawn, aaron) met at megans and hannah and jd went over and gave her some presents..and one was a doorknob, and so she went to the door and we were all waiting and surprised kt at her door.. and we gave her presents and played games and told stories and ate food and played and worshipped Jesus.  i got to meet tasha and josh and luke and i love them all..and i don’t feel like i just met them yesterday.  but yay.. it was just fun.  see sara’s xanga for pictures..haha and don’t be alarmed by the ones with me in them.

today i went to church to help make pizzas (but got there late) and watched some of our kid’s basketball league ’cause it was the last week.  and i hung out with jess and carrie and andrea and zac and jessica and hannah and jd.  and tonight’s the david crowder band show.. i’m exciteddddd.  i eat up nights like tonight where i can just go soak up God and not have to worry about leading (don’t get me wrong, leading is the best..but it’s important to have nights like tonight too.)  so yeah.  yayyyayay.  its almost time to go.

God has put the most amazing friends in my life.  i’m not even kidding.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m drinking sunny delight.
listening to: jump5. haha just kidding



i wish my xanga looked normal on school computers…..oh well.

i think i want a new xanga name. but i dont know what i’d make it. and i’ve had this one since..a long time ago. so yeah. i don’t know. i’m bored and i wanna leave. it’s weird to think i’ll be done with jackson schools forever in less than 3 months after being here for 13 years…plus 3 years of preschool. w00t. i’m excited for this weekend. i wish i could listen to music..

nothing to write nothing to do blabbity blahdy blah

leave me comments and amuse me.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m bored like no other.

listening to: people talk….

i think it’s time for a new design on this sucka.

i want to see the passion.  but i guess i can wait a week.

i’m really excited for summer.  and for the supposed warmth this weekend.

i’m really excited for a lot of other things.

we had a really small group at trans4m last night..but it was really nice. 

learning to need You is my new favorite worship song.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m smiling.
listening to: emery

. i ‘ v e f o r g o t t e n j u s t h o w s w e e t Y o u r m e r c i e s a r e , L o r d .

last night = whoa. haha.. yesterday after school i went and got the blindside cd with val and it is amazing. i’m telling you, go get it . 8 bucks at best buy. then later dustin came over.. we made a new song and went to meet josh and pick up dustin’s cd at chris’s.. and then went to wendys..where a lady had seizures and collapsed and josh called 911.. and then went to malone to watch justin mcroberts. hannah and jd and kelley and nate and my sister met us there.. and so yeah. for those of you who haven’t gotten to watch justin mcroberts live, you’re missing out. his music is amazing…the things he has to say are amazing..and his stories are amazingly hilarious. i’m always teared up from the constant laughing and then being moved by God and laughing again and being moved again. ahh. some things God gave him to say were so badly what i needed to hear. so yeah.. it was a good day. and tonight is church.. so yay for that.

like i said in my last post.. i’m so excited for so many things going on right now and in the future. i think i’m gonna wet myself.

->hi, my name is brandon and life is nice.
listening to: library chaos

exciting things for today:

-justin mcrobert’s stoopid cam (www.justinmcroberts.com), click on photos
-justin mcroberts is playing tonight
-david crowder saturday
-finding out that ace troubleshooter and dead poetic are playing with mewithout you and anberlin and emery and watashi wa
-knowing i get to see switchfoot and copeland in april
-the blindside cd is out today
-the passion comes out tomorrow
-thursday or saturday i’m getting something i’ve waited years for
-church is tomorrow night.
-further seems forever found a new singer. i hope he’s good.
-my day is going fast
-i’m not tired at allll
-the bell is going to ring. eep.

leave me things about your excitement.

last night i watched panic room at 1am (and got 2 hours of sleep) and didn’t dream about people breaking into my house. yay for that.

today’s going fast.

tomorrow’s justin mcroberts.

wednesday is trans4m.

thursday is hopefully something that i dont want to tell anyone. haha

friday is fun.

saturday is david crowder.

sunday is church.

i hope we get to practice sometime in there too.

it’s lookin for a good week, kids.

->hi, my name is brandon and mondays aren’t so bad after all.

listening to: library silence