tonight i wore a purple dress with rainbow cords and a flower in front of thousands of people.

in other words, tonight was my graduation.

it’s over.. and that’s really weird.  i always said it’d hit when graduation came, but i don’t think it really did.  it just seemed like another assembly.. but i really probably won’t see most of those kids ever again.  weirded out.  i’m not saying i’m sad.. just.. i don’t know.  yay for being done though.  i made it, and i’m ready to move on.

i really really do love my family and my friends.  every one of you. so much.

and i love what God is doing with me..  i seriously still have no clue where He’s taking me.. but i know it’s gonna be good.  because He is good.  and He’s been preparing me since the day i was born. 

so yeah.  i just realized i’m really really exhausted.. hopefully this made some kind of sense. (oh, to explain the first sentence.. we had purple gowns.. i had yellow cords for national honor society and colored ones for national art honor society and all guys had a yellow flower pinned on them….yep.)

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m a jackson alumnus.
listening to: the tv (conan obrien)

4 thoughts on “

    Yay for you graduating, and I’ll see you at your party next week! 
    I love you too, buddy, even if I do have to call you on your typos!  Hehe! 


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